Don't bore the future.

Wondercraft it.

Welcome to Kizny - your partner to inspire, excite and empower. To delight the audience and futurize your brand. Join us on the mission to bridge the gap between ambition and reality.


Launch Big Ideas
Delight Audiences
Inspire Action
Elevate brands


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To create possibility and foster growth through the superpower of visuals and design.

Make a leap

Join the league of the most audacious brands and fearless leaders. When it comes to making connections, it's not so much for simply who we are. Rather, it's for who we want to become. Together.


Meet your Marvelmeisters.

Marvelmeisters, Veneriprentices, Visioneers. Wondernauts and Wonderpunks. Futurizers, Futurefosters, Techspressionists! Serialumni of the beholding brotherhood. Hype-futurists, Zennovators, Progressionauts. Architects of wonder. Driven by the ever-lasting principles of Clarity, Quality, Purpose, Progress & Drive.


Patrick Kizny
EP & Founder

"Futurizers merge technology and design to master the future. Excellence is only built on the organized process."


Aga Kizny
Strategist & Partner

"Architects of wonder excel at technology and design to master the discipline of transforming a future into the preferred one."


Liam Toohey
Creative Producer

"Techspressionists make the technology roar. They inspire, excite and empower."


Riley Schmidt
Senior Designer

"Progressionauts prioritise through understanding. Express with style. Impact with purpose."


Denis Yarets
3D Generalist

"Futurefosters alway prioritise a thorough understanding - in a wider picture and up-close!"


Danila Shamko
3D Generalist

"Zennovators have a deep desire to do and be better with every move."


Anna Assainova
Creative Researcher

continuously learn, grow, and innovate, pushing themselves and the projects forward."


Mike Szablowski
Sound Designer, Composer

"Wondernauts act with purpose and back their actions with experience and insight."

Our Culture

The world is vast. But small enough to find people that think alike. And when all stakeholders share a vision, mindset and values, the Visioneering begins.

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