Karma Fields

Music video / Artworks

The Context

Karma Fields is an electronic music artist whose first album made serious impact with the story suggesting it's been created by an AI. (Who the heck is Karma Fields?)

The Concept

The visual concept of the second Karma Fields album builds on established AI theme and assumes establishing a dystopian mood filled with abstract fractal forms being a manifestation of an AI force that has taken over human world.

Selected album songs featured fractal-based video loops and cover illustrations, while hero tracks assumed full music videos shot in abandoned locations around the world and extended in CG/VFX with fractal visuals. Only a teaser has been produced.

The teaser


The Process

For the teaser above the process involved shooting on location and extending footage with CG/VFX. 

While we shot HDRs for majority of rooms of the palace featured in the film, for both rooms used in this particular video we did not have HDRs. So we used photogrammetric reconstructions to obtain HDR domes for lighting and reflections for CG elements.

The footage has been enhanced by adding Karma Fields themed mural artworks connecting the new video with KF branding and their first album. 

An altar made of vintage TVs is used not only to establish post-apocalyptic vibe of a place where a genius hacker may have brought AI to life, but also showcase bits coming from previous KF music videos.

All fractal visuals have been rendered on a GPU with full camera and lighting integration using custom-coded fractal software. 

The Artworks


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