Gateway Gaming Campaign

How to empower young gamers with a new line of products?

Gateway is an iconic brand of personal computers from the 1990s, which was revived in 2020 after its acquisition by Acer in 2007.

Following the success of the 2020 relaunch, we once again teamed up with Company X to bring a new line of Gateway's products to market, this time targeted towards a mass gaming audience.



The challenge

Designed specifically for cloud gaming, Gateway's new line of products aimed to fill the gap between PCs with unsatisfying performance and higher price gaming devices offered by competitors.


The process

Our Wondercrafting method - grounded in a purposeful, reproducible process - allowed us to achieve maximum clarity and an early lock onto the direction with ease.


The choice of visual language

"Gateway's Gaming Series is designed for a wider audience with an aspiring appeal. Therefore, we needed to communicate both the technological edge and the resulting delightful gaming experience. This affected our choice of visual language."

Patrick Kizny / founder of Kizny



Establishing the aesthetic

Resonating with younger gamer audiences called for clear gaming-derived aesthetics, dynamic editing and a fast-paced narrative combined with a high-end cinematic look and feel derived from action-movie trailers.


Delivering the message

"The campaign demanded blending bespoke CG with gameplay. Seamlessly interweaving these two allowed us to excite the audience with a promise of the ultimate gaming experience."

Riley Schmidt / Lead Designer, Kizny




Leaving an emotional impact

"To achieve a deeply engaging, cinematic vibe, we combined an overall orchestral feel with sharply-tailored sound design to enhance the emotional impact of the campaign film."

Michał Szabłowski / Music and Sound Designer

The result

The overall campaign included over 2,300 online/print outlets, over 3,000 broadcast airings and over 12 million impressions on Facebook and another 12 million in Google search.




The ultimate outcome

"The results of all the efforts landed Gateway in Yahoo’s featured list of the best laptops for 2022."

Anthony Pietromonaco / CCO, CompanyX

Project Credits

Walmart / ESI / Gateway / Microsoft / Intel

Production Company

Executive Producer
Anthony Pietromonaco

CG Studio

Animation Director
Patrick Kizny

Rafał Droździk
Riley Schmidt

Rafał Droździk
Artur Żarejko

Music & Sound Design
Michał Szabłowski

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