Opera GX Launch Campaign

How to inspire customers' lifestyle to spin around your product?

With over 25 years at the forefront of building browsers, Opera is continuously evolving the surfing experience for people's digital lives.



The challenge

While preparing for the launch of Opera GX, the first browser built specifically for gamers, the Global Marketing Team faced the following question: "How do we demonstrate that our product not only meets the needs of target users, but also becomes one of the key axes of their lifestyle"?


From simplicity to clarity

"Show don't tell was the way to go! If ultimately, the process was more complex, the simplicity of this departure point brought clarity and informed a vast range of our decisions. It was the matter of deliberately choosing what to show and how to go about it."

Patrick Kizny / founder of Kizny




Purpose-driven results

"Based on our previous experience with Kizny delivering purpose-driven results, I was personally curious to see how far they were going to push this project creatively."

Bartek Pielaszek / Global Head of Marketing, Opera GX

The process

Showcasing the integration of Opera GX into the lifestyle of gamers called for a hybrid approach that involved seamlessly blending live action film and photography with CG visuals.



Time to get hands dirty!

Since features don't sell the product, we made the call to use a relatable visual language that showcased gamers having a blast using the browser.

To increase appeal and relatability to the audience, we carefully casted a variety of gamers' personalities. We then built a strong sense of familiarity by depicting them in an intentionally crafted gaming environment.


Show don't tell. Evoke emotions.

"As the core objective of the campaign was to clearly position Opera GX as the browser of choice for gamers, we pushed to go even further by making this choice a no-brainer for them. To the point where Opera feels like a part of their everyday life - a part of the game. This would ensure that the campaign objectives would be met and a substantial ROI achieved."

Patrick Kizny



Showcase specific lifestyle

To deeply appeal to the gamers' audience, we scripted and produced the 3D-enriched hero film to showcase the specific habits and features embodied in the gamer's lifestyle, like these gamers' favourite figurettes.


Appeal to your audience

"We used distinct gaming moments and the gamer's space to bring home Opera's message <Your Space. Your Moments.> Even the live action snappy edit was meant to step closer to the hyper-stimulating gaming reality."

Riley Schmidt / Lead Designer, Kizny


Delight your audience, globally

Followed by delightful key visuals aimed to build a sense of familiarity and the link between Opera GX and the gamers' world, the multi-language campaign was ready to deliver to Opera's global audience in 7 localized versions.

The result

By purposefully balancing the product features of Opera GX against the backdrop of the highly coveted gaming lifestyle, we crafted the cornerstone of Opera GX's visual communications.

Opera GX is now the #1 gaming browser on the market.




Outpace your benchmarks

"Once launched, the films amassed over 50 million views, with retention rates well above benchmarks. Kizny have once again made my job easier."

Maciek Wojcik / Product Marketing Director, Opera

Project Credits


Creative Lead
Chet Callahan

Global Marketing Director
Maciej Wójcik

Global Head of Marketing
Bart Pielaszek

Photography Studio
Bema Production

Mateusz bral

Model Agency
SPP Models


CG Production

CG Director
Patrick Kizny

3D & Compositing
Rafał Droździk
Riley Schmidt
Artur Żarejko

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