VAIO Relaunch

How to relaunch a legend in a strongly competitive market?

Originally introduced in 1996, VAIO was Sony's launchpad for innovations, setting numerous trends that became a standard.

The brand was bold and strong, capable of attracting legends such as Steve Jobs. However, following its 2014 parting with the Sony portfolio, VAIO fell into oblivion.



The challenge

Together with CompanyX, we were revved up to get everyone craving a slice of heritage - 30 years' worth of computing history for those in the know.

And not just that, but to spark a desire to acquire a slick modern laptop amongst the broad audience who often find themselves peeking at Walmart's shelves.


From nostalgia to market position

"Nostalgia for the heroes of the past is a strong foundation, but not explosive enough to assume a strong position in today's consumers' minds.
Markets develop rapidly and years feel like decades. Only a fraction of today's audience would recall the iconic VAIO logo."

Anthony Pietromonaco / CCO, CompanyX




Surfacing the meanings

"The logo, which through a merging of analog and digital signals, accommodates timeless associations with life, Earth, sine wave and a digital future - provided a wealth of meanings to draw from."

Riley Schmidt / Project Lead, Kizny

The process

Connecting the razor-sharp design and noble materials of VAIO and rebirthing them with Earth's resources presented the possibility to convey a deeper meaning - stopping the eye with an interest-drawing aesthetic based on contrast.




The essence of the brand archetype

We tapped into the pool of meanings connected with VAIO's brand archetype. As the Hero, it is fearless. It displays a great tenacity to achieve, with a "never give up" attitude, along with finding deep satisfaction, delight and purpose in leaving a mark on the world.

Patrick Kizny


With close attention to detail

"We focused on paying the utmost attention to render the unmatched standard of Japanese craftsmanship, design and materials that were foundational to rebirth of the legend."

Anastasia Lytovka / Producer, Kizny



Showcasing the refined appeal

Drawing from the tradition and depth of meaning underlying the VAIO brand allowed for showcasing the laptop's slick, refined appeal in the right light and achieving the desired perception of a premium brand.

The result

As the Hero is determined to leave a legacy, the anthem piece for the Hero is meant to make a lasting impression on many levels, building anticipation for the new to come. 

The hero film was one piece of the puzzle for the relaunch campaign. The other pieces consisted of product videos and hundreds of general-use e-commerce key visuals which helped drive results for our client.




Looking at the whole picture

"Our efforts contributed to an overall campaign that reached an audience of 1 billion people. Highly trafficked sites such as Associated Press, Market Watch or Business Insider featured the news of the VAIO relaunch. Ultimately VAIO made it to Yahoo’s Best Laptops of 2022!"

Anthony Pietromonaco / CCO, CompanyX

Project Credits


Lucid Theory

Executive Creative 
Anthony Pietromonaco

Production company

Sound design
Coupe Studios

Director / EP
Patryk Kizny

Anastasia Lytovka

CG Lead
Riley Schmidt

CG Artists
Riley Schmidt
Denis Yarets
Danila Shamko
Andrii Naidonov

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